Having a condo usually means, someone else takes care of all the details so you can enjoy as much of your time as possible.  So....let us take care of your condo insurance.

Having the right coverage is important.  We pride ourselves in seeking out great companies to insure our customers.  Whether you live in a condo 100% of the time, or are someone that rents your unit out to others throughout the year - we have the right coverage for you!  Long term snow birds or short term rental units, we've done our homework so you don't have to


Common Questions:

+ Is the insurance different if I rent weekly or monthly?

Yes, each company will have slightly different durations they allow. During our quoting process, we gather all details ensuring we have the most accurate and complete coverage. We’ve streamlined this to only take a few minutes.

+ My local insurance agency in my home state say they can get a condo policy. That should work...right?

Not necessarily, we actually find a lot of errors on policies like this as not all HO6 Condo policies are the same. We live here year round, know which select carriers will properly insure your unit based on knowledge and experience.

+ What about flood insurance, is it really needed with a condo?

That depends upon your unit, what floor you are on and which flood zone your condo is in. Just give us a call or email us using the GET A QUOTE button above, we'll help you every step of the way.